Canine Nutrition

Canine Nutrition Qualifications And Courses

Canine Nutrition, dog come in all shapes ad sizes but how to do you feed them?

Bone Idol Academy are proud to introduce our range of canine nutrition qualifications and courses with our qualified canine nutritionist and tutor, Francesca Ford.

The UK pet care industry is growing and with more dog owners than ever, the demand for quality services and unbiased guidance has never been greater. 

One of the challenges faced by canine nutritionists, pet professionals and pet parents is gaining and sharing trusted, real and impartial science based knowledge so we can all make positive and healthy decisions when feeding our dogs.

We want to fix this.

Which Canine Nutrition Course Is Right For You?

We are launching with three very different courses for you to choose from. 

The Canine Nutrition Diploma is a formal and professional qualification that’s highly respected in the industry, created by professionals for professionals.

We then offer two exclusive Bone Idol Academy courses;

Canine Nutrition Pro is a course designed for pet professions, retailers and those working in the pet care industry. Built using science based facts and up to date research on canine nutrition and canine health this is a course you can trust. Also ideal if you are a pet parent who is passionate about canine nutrition

Dog Nutrition for Pet Parents is our short course designed for dog owners who want to cut though the noise and make real healthy and science based decisions on feeding their dog.

How Our Online Courses Work